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System low because car originally has a coolant leak. Topping off with over a gallon of watet without proper bleeding will cause the car to overheat. Pop the plastic cover off of the coolant oil fill to reveal the bleeder.(do a search on bleeding air from coolant if you do not understand the methods of bleeding a coolant system) Open it, fill tank, leave bleeder open and wait 10 mins. Fill again, leave fill open and start car, wait until temps rise, leave bleeder open, and the radiator fans come on. If the radiator fans do not come one after the mwater temp is warm there is an issue with the fan circuit or you still has air in system. After the fans come on, drive car with bleeder open. If the car does not overheat, close bleeder. Now find source of coolant leak, repair, and bleed again. Hopefully you did no serious damage.

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