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Originally Posted by SeaNile31 View Post
They are hiding nothing on this car. Traded in at Porsche dealership across the street which they are associated with.

Their rule is no car stays on the lot more than 30 days. November 23rd will be 30 days and car will goto auction the following week. At 14850 I think we are at or very close to wholesale pricing. Even the places that will buy your car on the spot says it's worth 14000.

Kind of feel like for 15K it's a lot of car with minimal risk, aside from IMS failure, etc.

Even with PPI showing it needs X amount I don't think the dealer will discount, especially if car is going to auction.

^all the more reason to have one of their guys drive it to the indy for the inspection you will be paying for. It's a no brainer. Transparency leads to more sales when it comes to out-of-warranty cars requiring specialized labor and expensive parts.

Also, even if they are not hiding something they may be afraid that if you do find something you'll have leverage. If you don't PPI they have leverage. If the car goes to auction I doubt they're going to get a high bid similar to the lot price. I assume it's going to Manheim?
Personally if no inspection is made I would give them a low ball offer 24 hours before that 30th day. I'm sure the sales manager would rather have a sale even if at break even than a low milieage car they couldn't move in 30 days.
And it has to be low ball because it wasn't inspected. You have to factor in the wiggle room.
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