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I disagree. My PPI was done using a three page form which called for both opinions and facts. It included measurements including rotor thickness, leakdown results, plug condition, etc. It let me know exactly what I'd be wanting to do to put the car in condition to carry me through for the next 5 years of almost perfectly trouble free driving...and it did. My PPI included a line by line review of the results with the car still up in the air, and taught me a lot even though I had owned a Boxster for the prior 6 months. It also gave me leverage when negotiating the price. We agreed on a price prior to the PPI subject to major findings. All findings were shared with the seller. He got a copy too. I felt it helped to create a fair deal for both the buyer and seller.

Is there a difference between a good PPI and a bad one? You bet. Ask to see the write up from a prior one the mechanic has done. Ask if it includes a cam deviation check.
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