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The only way to establish if the asking price is fair or not is after the PPI.
What other cars are selling for with similar mileage is completely irrelevant to the condition of your car, which what matters. A few outstanding repairs could blow their asking price right out the window.
The whole thing is if your are going to negotiate on the basis of PPI (smart) you need documentation. No one's going to take anyone's word for needed repairs unless its in black and white. It's leverage. So the PPI pays for itself.
It may be a waste of time if you don't buy the car but a PPI is NEVER a waste of money. And if you do buy, you have piece of mind and a basis for funding a repair strategy, that has value in itself. Address the big things first, deal with the less urgent later.

Either the seller works with you to get the car to the indy or you should walk.
They have plenty of guys working there that could drive it to the indy.
Seems like a small thing to ask for $15K sale. Unless of course they are hiding something they discovered. If that car sits for too long it goes to the auction.
This all sounds like they are the ones with the motivation to get your car inspected.
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