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I'd be up for taking it to the indy place but it's about 30 min away and I'm not sure how to manage getting it there. The dealership will not deliver it to the indy place, the indy place will not come and pick it up and I don't own the car yet so I can't take it there either. Porsche dealer across the street will do the PPI but they just go down a list of things to check.

Thing is I can't find many other options without these cars going into 80K miles+ and $11-12K.
This car is by no means a garage queen but interior is about perfect and rims are flawless. A little ding here, swirl there and the dent by the rear tire. I always went on the quest for the absolute perfect car but the reality is this one I want to drive, and drive often when it's nice. I will never abuse or neglect it but don't want to freak out when I head into the city and park in a garage.

Here is a link to the car
02 Boxster S (sold), 05 Boxster S (sold), 00 Ferrari 360 (sold), 05 Boxster S (sold), 01 Boxster S (sold), 99 Boxster (sold)

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