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Any idea how long you'll keep this one? That's basically a 12 year old 'new' car. You should still get decent money when you sell it. The reason I ask is if you were looking to spend less, find a 2000 'S' with higher mileage, drive the heck out of it and sell it. A 2000 'S' is likely to have a double row and you won't have to spend the money to upgrade the 02 'S'.

Too bad I didn't still have mine, you would have loved it. I can see if the guy I sold it to wants to sell. I put thousands into it. It basically was new when I got done with it, even had 987 seats and the IMS upgrade.

Anyway, and 02 'S' with that low a mileage sounds like it did a lot of sitting when weather was bad and driving when nice out. It should be a beautiful car.

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