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Originally Posted by Phil C View Post
You are obviously losing coolant. The expansion tanks have been known to fail. Steam in the trunk is a pretty big clue. I don't see how a water pump failure would cause a wet trunk. Do you have the upgraded expansion tank cap?
Good luck!
This is what I thought at first since I overheated again after topping off, and I got the low coolant warning again. However, there was no puddle under the car when I pulled off the second time, and the coolant was at the exact level it was when I topped off. I don't have the upgraded expansion tank cap.

Originally Posted by TMass View Post
Like mine the impeller may have broke and clogged the flow so that the short half boils off into the trunk.
Hmmm... this would make sense as to why I was still overheating after top-off. Remember, I was able to drive the car for 45 minutes the first leg of the trip back, which would give plenty of time to boil off the coolant. And, we were in very heavy traffic the night before, even though I didn't get a warning. I was only able to drive for about 5 minutes after top-off because the temp got dangerously high without coming back down, so obviously the problem got worse. But, I'm baffled as to why I got the low coolant warning the second time when my reservoir was showing the correct level. So, you obviously had to replace your pump, but how did you clear the clog in your cooling system?

Originally Posted by Timco View Post
Needs a visual inspection of the WP with belt off. Any wobble or play in it at all? Any sign of water lines around the pump?

Pressure test cooling. The reservoir may be cracked.

Old cap would leave trunk moisture but not a puddle like you describe unless it was half screwed on.

If pump failed however, then boil over into the trunk would be next.
I think this will be my next step, since it sounds like we're all on the same page. The original puddle under the car was very small... maybe the size of a silver dollar. I think visible trunk moisture would be the best way to describe it. I wish I could've seen where valet parked my car to see if a puddle was visible there. I guess it may have continued to steam off coolant after the engine was turned off, which might be why I was presented with the low coolant warning immediately upon retrieving my car in the morning.
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