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Several quick comments.

Yes the dealer can and should provide a full vehicle history. Since the car is new, it should be pretty simple. They will NOT provide the previous owner's name but that is not useful anyway. What you need is which dealer sold the car.

Given how new the car is, likely all the Porsche service computer has in it is the prep and delivery date. Nothing wrong with showing you that either.

Given the new car warranty, the issue you COULD be concerned about is WHY it came back so quickly. This can be benign, such as the person simply hated the car or, it had mechanical issues. That is why the service record is important.

Perhaps the car was what I call an almost lemon law car, one that was in for several issues, several times.

That is why you need the name of the original selling dealer, who is likely the servicing dealer. Those service records will only be at the servicing dealer's desk.

Good luck!
Rich Belloff

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