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All pms have been replied to. A few items have shipped.

Originally Posted by Chuck W. View Post
Your listing is great and your prices are very fair. GLWS.
Thank you all parts are priced to sell, as I need to move them quick. I'm running out of room!

Originally Posted by all_mota View Post
If sale falls through on the rollbar windscreen/grills. I'd be interested in them both. Also are you selling the wheels on the car? thank you
I still have the windscreen But the mesh grills are sold. The wheels are currently not for sale. I have shipped the damaged wheel out to be repaired. They may be for sale at a later time.

Originally Posted by itsnotanova View Post
Details? Sounds very interesting
It will be an interesting project. The boxster is a little over five inches longer then the 70 911. It is also a bit wider, However the pinch welds are almost the same maybe a mm or two off on each side. Other then finding the right place to remove five inches I believe the hardiest part will be to make the rear shock towers fit inside the quarter panels and keeping chassis rigidity. Then there is the issue of retaining cabin space, the engine fire wall will be almost flush with the b pillar. I may still have to stretch the quarter panels an inch or two. My plan is to keep period correct styling wise 73RS with a modern chassis and all the modern tech.

A pic of the 911, please excuse the mess its much worse right now that is an old pic

Almost all the parts have been removed and are read to be shipped. I will also up date with smaller misc parts for sale.

Current pics of the boxster.

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