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Buying Previously Owned from a Dealer....

OK boyz.... I'm close....found an PO 2006 987s with just a couple thousand miles on it, appointed the way i want and priced pretty close to the "trigger" point...

The dealer is one of largest in CA and i would have to fly up to see the car and consumate the deal....

the dealer has said that the car was titled in a nearby city but was not purchased at their dealership-- i asked where it was purchased and sales rep said she couldn't tell. Now... i am not necessarily a conspiricist, but it did cross my mind that in todays connected world-- and Porsche being i forward think company, that they should pretty much be able to tell me the complete transaction history on any vehicle purchased in the last -- let's say 2-3 years.

Am i wrong here? Regarldess of where purchased, shouldn't they have records of any service done to the car. Again the rep says she checked but nothing could be found.--Alright, perhaps i am paranoid -- with so few miles maybe it hadn't been serviced... BUT THEN AGAIN!!!!! maybe there was LOTs of trouble and that's the reason the previous owner chucked it in!!!! (perhaps this gives you a glimpse into my sick sick mind)

Should i trust the dealer's answers? (The angel on my shoulder says they wouldn't risk their reputaion by blantantly lying....BUT the devil on my shoulder tell me they are all lying, cheating, scum)

Now after all this... there is the full Porsche warranty to fall back on -- should i even worry about this stuff?!?!?

Finally--- anyone have experience with what a dealer marks up a used car...supposedly it was turned into one of the dealer's other brand (Infiniti) dealership. (can youimagine trading a Box for an Infiniti??!?!!?) IMHO-- any publically listed price has room for discounting--- concur??

Demonized in Irvine,

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