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you'll be signing a different tune when the next big invoice comes in.

This is the best way to own these cars: Wait for them to come off warranty, let the original owner take the hit on depreciation so that you get more car for the money, drive them for a couple of years A LOT. Sell them before major maintenance comes in. Let the next owner write the $5,000 checks. Rinse and repeat. Of course I did not follow my own advice.

Owning these cars long-term, no matter what kind of Porsche, is fine as long as it sits in your garage nicely waxed waiting for a perfectly sunny day.
Me, I think the whole point of a owning a Porsche is driving a Porsche. A LOT.
If I wanted to buy something so I could pat myself on the back about how much more its worth since I bought it, a car would be the last thing I use my cash for.
Which is why water-cooled cars are the best, and mid-engine water-cooled cars the best of all. Plenty of garage queens to be hunted, no need to worry about the value of the car going down because you added another 10K miles to the odometer and no leaks in your drive way or costly rebuilds as regular part of maintenance. If you wreck it on the street or track, you'll likely live (important) and replace the car in a matter of hours online.
For the lousy use of money a German sports car is, a water-cooled beater is the least lousy.
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