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Here is how it works:

Say you buy the car from a Nevada resident and the car is registered in Nevada.

You bring it back to CA and take it to DMV. They will do a visual inspection to check on the Serial Numbers etc. Make an appt as they will turn you down if you just show up or make you wait for days.

You will also need to get the car smogged at a CA station.

Then you take your Nevada title inside and register the car.

The Sales tax varies by what county or town you live in. 7.25% is the lowest, 8.25% is the highest.

DONT register the car in some other state and try to drive it here. You will get caught and fined.

It is NOT cheaper to register it in another state and then re-register it here later.

The CA guys have a one year trigger on this and will catch you if it is a sham.

Any more questions, just ask!
Rich Belloff

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