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Good Job! See, it wasn't impossible at all!

Too bad about the first Tool. I bought the Marson Tool and it worked just fine for all 6 Rivnuts (I replaced them all while I was In There.

Sorry I didn't think to mention laying a Tarp to catch the Brass shavings, I remember vacuuming them up for months - good tip though.

Sounds like you had some trouble with the shattered Brass Nut, mine broke in convenient pieces, but you worked it all out!

I'm glad you took the time to post the pics and share your experience. It is such a poorly designed fastening system (using a Soft-Metal captive Nut to hold a highly tensioned Steel Screw - it's bound to fail with time), that for Porsche, it surprises me.

I'm sure that other Boxster Owners will encounter the same failure and maybe your experience will encourage some to perform the correction themselves. IMSM, the Dealer wanted $225 to perform the fix using the exact same technique and equipment - they turn that Marson Tool into a Profit Center! This is not something you need to pay a Dealer for!...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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