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RonDog, you live in America. You must do two things as an American. Pay taxes and die.

Now you can try to avoid paying taxes, but the tax man he cometh and he will taketh you to jail when you are seized, along with your property.

Here's the deal:

Many states are passing reciprocal sales tax for auto sales. So you pay the tax, up to the state's own limit on the car and they pass it along to your state for you. I'm guessing that you then take the receipt to your courthouse where you live and they give you a new title, tags and plates and you're charged any difference in the price.

In other states, if you do not title the car in that state, you will have to head to your courthouse with your title and bill of sale and they will bleed you for the taxes to get your title switched over and to get your tags and plates.

Oregon brags as not having any sales tax, but on cars you buy there and drive home to CA, you must pay tax.

Now let me get on my soap box. The poor slob who bought the car new paid tax on it, and A LOT of tax too! Why must EVERY OTHER BUYER PAY TAX on the same car over and over?

I'm so pissed I think I'll throw all my used tea bags into the fountain down at city hall this afternoon. That'll send a strong message!
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