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Registering an out of state car -- CA

Does anyone know whats involved with buying a car outside your state of residence?

For example:

If i buy a car in state -- i pay sales tax (when i register the car in my name. I am not certain of the rate, but CA sales tax is 7.25% I'm not sure if it varies by county.), license & registration fees.

If i buy a car out of state ----

Do i pay sales tax to the state in which it was purchased? (What the process?)

I will have to register and license the car in CA -- is this more expensive than a normal in-state registration? I understand the registration process is more involved - ie a visual inspection and smog cert. (the boxster is a 50 state car ) but is it significantly more expensive.

If anyone has gone through this process i would appreciate some insight.

Some states do not have sales taxes (OR, MT) and many are lower than CA-- does this mean i would avoid the sales tax???

OK..OK.. i do realize the car is important thing here.... but i am looking outside CA and i would like to know what's involved.

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