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Stepped over the other side of the law today and removed my front license plate and holder. Installed some homemade bumper plugs and painted the front vents with black truck bed liner. Touched up some small rock chips and debugged the front bumper cover.

The end result is very different than before. I know I'm risking a "no front plate" ticket, but I don't think it's enforced that diligently here in the DFW Metroplex.

One of my buddies is a local police officer, and he doesn't run a front plate on his Corvette Grand Sport. When I texted him to tell him I was ready to turn myself in to the authorities, he advised me to remove the rear plate also, and just floor it if a LEO attempts to stop me. Anyone ever try this?



Next I'm going to make a homemade tow hook plate holder, so I can slap my plate on quickly if I'm going out in the boonies through the "revenue generating" towns.

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