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Maint to do? Swapping in a used 2.7

I'm putting a used 2.7 from a 5-speed into my 2.7 Tip. Both cars are 2001s. I haven't been able to track down the history of the donor car yet (other than front end hit in Dallas area last May).

I'm looking for advice about what to do while the engine is out and what parts/fluids to use.

For PS fluid, ATF for the Tip, and brake fluid are there regular parts store brands to use or is is pretty particular like the coolant? (I got the coolant from Pelican already).

I am changing the IMSB, water pump, and AOS. What am I forgetting?

Spark plugs... Just thought of that. Are coils generally left alone 'till failure?

Are there considerations for changing the engine from 5-speed to tiptronic other than the clutch~Tq converter?

Here's a thread started by NewArt that had some helpful info:

Engine on the floor. Now what?

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