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Originally Posted by Joe B View Post
I can't see how this could be too helpful to the OP in determining what to look out for, or what possible issues to be aware of . Maybe I'm missing something.

I too like the looks, but all that really matters is that mrs. robinson and her husband (partner?) do!
I'm hoping to discourage him from buying one. I understand beauty is within the beholders eye. Panamera has great reviews and looks great from the inside from the outside it's still ugly to me. I think it belongs to the top 5 ugliest cars made like the Pontiac Aztek. If you have to wait for the look to grow on you it's probably ugly.

I'd look for an M5.

My brother asked for my opinion before he no ught his Panamera S. I told him the same thing and I was straight up with him. Panamera and Cayene are Porsches best sellers. Panamera just doesn't look right to me.
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