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There are a couple of interesting deals out there right now but this is the only one that's close at the moment. Time is tight this week, but going to try to set up a PPI as soon as I can.
Although the maintenance costs are brought into question (and rightly so), I also think about people I know who are paying $500-$600 per month to own an economical Toyota or Nissan, etc.
I also know people who own a Honda, VW, etc, out of warranty who had to replace a blown engine or tranny for up to $6,000. My dad just had the tranny rebuilt in his 2002 Dodge Stratus to the tune of $3500. Not much different than on a Boxster, with the availability of tight low mileage used units out there on these cars.
Anyway, these are the ways I've tried to "rationalize" the idea. LOL!
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