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I don't know about a 'hyper' daily driver, but my 986 has been my daily driver for the past 7+ years. It is a great car, and if you are inventive you can fit quite a lot of stuff in one, an Aeron chair (I did this last week), a full size keg, golf clubs, skis (RTS required), etc.

Is the Boxster more expensive to drive everyday than a Toyota? Sure.
Is it way more fun? Definitely.

I consider the extra expense (maintenance, insurance, tires, parts, premium gasoline) a completely acceptable cost for how much more I enjoy getting from point A to point B, than with a Honda/Toyota/etc.

If you are okay with the cost, go for it, these cars where made to be driven. Plus, you could race it without caring about minor damage. You might even consider the same paint/interior color so that the parts are interchangeable.

Full disclosure, I do less 1,000 miles a month on average, and plan to retire my 986 to garage queen status before I hit 100k miles. I hit 90k last week.
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