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Originally Posted by BruceH View Post
Ever drive one? When I was looking for my 986, I went to a dealer that advertised a nice S model. When I got there, it had been sold. The salesman talked me into driving a Solstice, I was curious, so why not. What a piece of junk! First, as my wife opened the passenger door, the handle came off in her hand. We reattach it and climb in. Take off and immediately you notice the poor quality of....everything! The sad thing is, they wanted almost $19K for it, I ended up with my S(at a different dealer) for just under $14K.
I test drove one before I got my S. The door handle was off when I got to the car, and it took me forever to be able to get the roof to lock. Thank goddness, I hated the car!!!! That is an incredible story!!
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