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Moderation is the key to all pleasure in life. The Boxster is a sports car: It is light and relative to passenger cars, it is fragile as a result of its lightened weight. A rough bump can knock the alignment off, bend a wheel, the control arms can wear out prematurely and typically moderate to high mileage cars have shot wheel bearings. My car has been mostly garage kept and driven only weekends yet I could not believe how utterly toasted the suspension and wheel bearings were when everything was taken out at ~80k miles. My mechanic filmed this extraction with his camera just for a laugh. And really, I'm not very hard on the car, I (mostly) ran 20 lbs factory Carrera wheels and stay off rough streets for the most part, I opt for the toll highway sometimes when it means travelling longer but the shorter route is filled with pot-holed sections of highway. Seeing those burnt parts made me realize that these cars may be reliable but they are definitely not durable.

I like the idea of daily driving a Boxster engine wise, but only if you live where the weather is mild year round and the roads are very smooth. If you see extremes of heat or cold, and you feel a lot of rattling going on in the car because the roads are bad, then what's the point of driving a roadster in those conditions year round? Get the right tool for the right job.
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