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First Porsche

After as much research as I could do, I took a huge leap of faith and purchased an 02 Boxster S from a dealer in Dallas. (I live in Boise) I flew to Texas, signed the papers, looked all over the car for signs of Ebola since I was in Dallas and I know how people drool on these cars and headed out. All of my fears, AOS, IMS bearing, etc were wasted. The car was better than advertised. I rolled through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas (hit an armadillo, another story), Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho at an average 86 mph. Mileage was consistently 23.75 to 23.9 mpg. You all know the feeling I had, driving this car across the country. Now finally, here is my observation and question: At higher speeds, when I let off the throttle, the car has a slight direction change. Resume throttle and it moves back to the original heading. Not like a major, dangerous lane change difference but noticeable for sure. What do you think?

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