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Originally Posted by 98Boxster98
While searching for the source of my intermittent top operation, I discovered why my roof latch moves as free as it does; only one screw is holding it in place. I will now have the pleasure of working with 'nutserts'. I found a lower cost tool to attempt this fix. It cost me $30 for the tool, package of 12 inserts and assorted sales tax. Here is the link:

Surebonder Threaded Insert Tool

MNBoxster - does it look like I have the right tool and inserts? I don't know if I'll be able to make $5 making the repair as you did.

The Tool should work just fine, just make sure you have the proper size Mandrel for the inserts you're using. I'm not sure about your rivnuts though. These look to be the type which compression fits around the opening, maybe they'll work, but they differ from the ones I used. Also, make sure you have matching screws to use in them, the OEMs are Metric, so if you don't have metric rivnuts, they will need to be replaced.

Take care when drilling out the old ones as they are Brass and the Drill will grab and want to wander. Keep a firm grip on the Drill and it's helpful to mark them for depth using masking tape on the Bit at the depth you want. The old ones may also simply shatter (a couple of mine did) and then you'll need a needle-nose pliers to retrieve the pieces. It might be a good idea to sacrifice one of the inserts if you've not used them before. Get a scrap of metal and drill an appropriate hole in it and then install a spare rivnut into it. This will familiarize you with the procedure so you're not practicing on your Car. Good Luck! It's really pretty easy...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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