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Junk thread for this forum

These are obviously not 986 problems

Even stated it is from a Macan forum

Originally Posted by guesswecan777 View Post
Problem#1: Leaky rear washer
Resolution: Replace the leaky rear washer
Workaround: None

Problem#2: Rear Camera out of focus/ blurry
Resolution: No resolution available yet
Workaround: None

Problem#3: Passenger door and hood clearance issue, paint damage
Resolution: Take to dealer; some are able to fix it
Workaround: None

Problem#4: False alarms
Resolution: No resolution
Workaround: Press lock button twice to disable alarm

Problem#5: No spare tire on delivery
Resolution: Spares are on manufacturers back-order, dealer to provide
Workaround: Emergency repair kit with sealant, compressor etc. available

Problem #6 : Side mirror adjusts up on reversing instead of down
Resolution: Put vehicle in reverse, adjust mirror to desired position. Should be recalled on next use.
Workaround: see above

Problem #7 : B Pillar trim piece cracking
Resolution: Dealer replacement under warranty
Workaround: ignore?

Problem #8 : Windshield wipers auto-sweeping on vehicle start
Resolution: See dealer for wiper issue
Workaround: none

Problem #9 : Trailer control module draining battery
Resolution: See dealer for TSB: reflash indicated.
Workaround: Unknown.

Problem#10 : One liner problem
Resolution: One liner resolution if exists today via dealer or Porsche promise
Workaround: One liner; if any workaround that fixes the problem

This is originally posted in and edited by me. Hope this helps anyone that needs it.
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