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Originally Posted by BoxsterLS376 View Post
Yeah I am hoping everything works out, mostly just rewiring some things and adapters for certain sensors etc. but keeping my fingers crossed.

My engine choice was not really based on chassis twist or anything like that as they have a 600 HP LS7 in one and although I don't know the long term effects, seems to handle the power fine. Basically came down to several things but after running through the options it really made sense... let me share my logic...

1. Used LS1 - good motor but low mileage ones from a vette run about $4000 with harness, you could get one from a Camaro then your down to 305 hp and barely worth the effort. I would rebuild and clean it and of course try to get more HP out of it while it was out, figuring I'd probably spend another $1k-$2k easy doing that plus all my time...

2. LS7 Crate motor - Great motor, fantastic internals forged titanium goodness, but the dame thing only makes 505 HP and costs $12,000 so just didn't sit well with the overall project budget.

3. LS6 - old Z06 motor based on LS1 - again too expensive for what you get, people get a premium for them simply because they were only in the Z06.

4. LS3 Crate motor - Brand new, 2 year 50,000 mile warranty, plug in the harness, add gas and go - no time spent rebuilding. 430 hp from the standard motor, but add the GM hot cam and you get 480 HP for about $7500! 25 HP less then the LS7 but $4,000 cheaper! A bit more expensive then rebuilding and modifying a used LS1, but no time spent, brand new and has a warranty!!!

Heh, yeah well if I get some instructions with it i'll let you know!! As I said I have asked a few times now about this and have been told that they have lots of pictures... sooo not really sure what to expect but I'm certainly not going to publish anything here unless they give me the OK, but i'll be glad to ask.

Thanks Bruce! Nice to see a community of Boxster enthusiasts which seems to be fairly active. I'm on Pelican, LS1 tech and a few others but this seems much better. I'll definitely keep you posted on progress!

Makes perfect sense to me and 480 seems like it would be workable top end for the chassis. Looking forward to seeing your progress, costs, and work. Hopefully the LS3 isn't too heavy as compared to the 3.2
00 986 S....with a few tweaks

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