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Thanks everyone,

It will definitely take a bit of work, Renegade says about 70 hours for the install but we will see about that.

I definitely want the car to operate as it would if Porsche would have done it themselves which is why I ordered the Electric power steering, electric water pump etc. because otherwise compromises would have to be made elsewhere.

It does utilize the factory transmission which I'll probably crack open and take a look at while it is out to make sure there are no outstanding issues but it felt fine. I also ordered the upgraded clutch kit as they told me the stock clutch would "work" but would likely slip so no freaking point it putting it in if you know it's not gonna work :/

Integration is my biggest concern as I would like all the factory gauges to work. While it seems like Renegade has the mounting of the motor worked out I'm not feeling overly confident right now with regards to instructions on doing it all as I keep getting told they "have lots of pictures"... hrm... we will see!

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