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Clean throttle body and mass air flow sensor

Well i spent most of the day working on my car. to clarify, it was not throwing any check engine lights or anything.

So what I did was take out the air filter, (which was absolutly disgusting!!!!!!!!!!) and then I bought some mass air flow spray at O'reilly's, and also some throttle body spray. cleaned my throttle body and mass air flow sensor, and then also put an additive (seafoam) in my gas to clean my fuel injectors etc.

Car runs fantastic!!!
has more power then i have ever felt in it period!!!! so responsive! and it idles like a purring tiger.

I followed pelican parts information about how to do all of this. Just takes time and patience. And I ordered a new air filter (the old one is back in it now, but has been cleaned to within an inch of its life)
2000 Boxster S
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