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straying a little OT (non-Porsche content)

Since I have not really started on my Boxster other than some clean-up and a to-do list, I'll stray a bit OT and post my last Honda Del Sol project. I purchased it as a parts car, but eventually gathered the parts from other cars to put back on it. Swapped out most of the drivetrain from an Acura Integra and put a JDM Honda CRV engine in it. Turned my garage into a temporary booth. I really need to check out the VoTech next time. Now I'm “selling my 'Sol” to support my growing Boxster habit.

With all the parts and equipment in my garage, there is a long line in the driveway. Currently swapping out a bad engine in an Accord, while my '99 Boxster waits under the cover in back.

My water damaged white 2001 arrives by hauler next week. I didn't mean to do it, but she was so pretty I just couldn’t say no....

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