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Post your project Porsches - here's my 928's

I take an auto body class 2 evenings a week at the local VocTec center. Not to prepare myself to work in the auto body field, but for $300/quarter, I get to keep a car there, have access to 2 professional quality paint booths, all the tools and a top notch instructor. There are 8-10 of us in class, mostly guys in their 40s-60s. We all have our various projects. Some nights we work pretty hard, some nights are just BS sessions.

The red car is my project for this year. Once I'm body work complete, it will go into a corner my shop and I'll start on the silver car. The silver car will get some mechanical upgrades (brakes, suspension), and a few exterior upgrades. The red car I'm working on and the silver car will both chug to life and make a lap around the block, so there's hope... The red car in the background will sit for a bit, but it'll get there...

I think I have a Porsche problem...
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