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Originally Posted by 1rooster View Post
I found some parts or my 99 from a member here.I called Friday to set up time and date for me to pick them up.I called last night to confirm pickup for today at noon.I drove 250 miles to get the parts.When I arrived in town I called to let them know I was in town and a little early for pickup.All I got was voice mail.I drove over to the house at noon and rang doorbell but no answer.I called from outside the house but got voice mail.I left another message.I left and grabbed a quick lunch and called again and get voice mail.Went back to the house,rang doorbell but no answer.One hour later and several calls and 3 trips to the house I called it quits and drove the 250 miles back home.A whole day lost and $100 on gas and lunch.I did not drive the Boxster as the parts would not have fit in the car.What would you do?????
Benefit of the doubt till we know what happened. Possibly he had a family emergency. Either way though he should make it right and bring the parts to you now, and maybe knock a few bucks off.
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