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Parts from 2001 Boxster Base F/S

Hello All! I just did a bunch of work to my car and now have parts for sale.

All reasonable offers will be considered! I'm in Central Austin Texas and would love to keep local if possible.

1. Secondary catalytic converters with 103k miles. No rattles that I've found when removed. They passed emissions about two months ago... and in the 2-so years of ownership I haven't had any CEL's related to emissions.

90$ plus shipping

2. 5-speed manual tranny with 103k miles of use. In my two years of ownership it's been treated nicely and I've only used Porsche Original tranny fluid. But in full disclosure, I learned to drive stick with this car! Beyond the usual wear and tear, I think its a pretty solid tranny. The reason its being replaced is I bought a used tranny with about 70k miles in a sorta package deal of parts I wanted to replace. It will come with a used clutch, flywheel, and pressure plate. I think the clutch has a lot of meat left on it!

450$ plus shipping

4. 2001 Base Boxster muffler with 103k miles

50$ plus shipping
2001 Porsche Boxster Base in all Black at 102k

DIY work so far:
- Row Kit, Tie Rods, Drop Links, Elephant Racing Control Arm Bushings, Water Pump replacement, IMS guardian, 968 Sport Seats, and Axle Shaft rebuilds.

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