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Smith, that is one fine looking car. I am a 3x black boxster fan in the biggest way. Sure wish it was in my garage sans the payments! When I grow up I'm gonna drive me one just like yours... but I must upgrade to an S. No exceptions.

Until then, please take it out and drive it like you stole it. I'd really appreciate that. When you get it up to speed—whatever that means to you—shout, "Randall, can you hear my engine and exhaust? This run's for you, buddy!" Don't worry. I'll be there in spirit with you. May the G force be with you.

Ron- do search the threads. Rather quickly though, if I were you I'd be buying Bose with windstop, Sport Chrono package (not for the thingy on the dash, but how it improves performance) and litronics.
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