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I am in the enviable position of buying a new Boxster S..... Honestly, i'll have to stretch for the car

I'm not sure that the first statement really matches the second one but obviously what you do with your money is your concern. If you're "stretching" just don't forget a few particulars in advance.

- Check the impact of adding a 987S to your insurance policy, it's going to be more than a base. If you're planning on leasing, you may need to up your current coverages if they are sub-standard

- I don't know what you drive now, but be prepared to gas up with premium....frequently

- Get pricing now on your 20K and 40K intervals brake replacement and replacement tires, these will be your out of pocket maintenance costs and none of them are "cheap". If you're going to get 19s make sure you know what 19s cost and the difficulty that can be encountered sourcing them. You don't want any surprises down the line.

- See what interest rate your credit can get you ahead of time. Dealer-financing isn't always the best, for example a 780 FICO score would only get you mid single digits from Mercedes Benz credit. You may want to try or similar. Knowing exactly what you're approved for, what you'll be paying and walking in with a "check" will clear your mind and improve your position.

My only visit has been to Newport Auto-- and while extremely helpful and knowledgable, i can't help wondering if they might be the most pricey.

With today's educated consumer, I think the notion that dealers in good neighborhoods are more pricey is a bit of a fallacy, particularly in Southern California where you could find people with money in a 25 mile radius of pretty much anywhere.

As far optioning goes, you're crossing yourself by looking to get a S with a Tip. It's very hard to find a Tip that hasn't been bundled with Preferred Package or Preferred Package plus which are just shy of 5k and 8k respectively. Within 50 miles of you, there's 1.

When you close the deal and sign the line that is dotted do NOT purchase dealer extras like Lojack, paint plating, etc. DO purchase the 'gap' insurance which covers the difference between what you owe and what the car's worth in the event of a total loss.

Good luck.

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