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Toronto Porsche Help: Looking for Used Front Brake Pads of a Boxter S

Hello everyone from Toronto Canada.
I am looking for some used pads for a Boxter S for a car project.
I own a GTI with Boxter calipers.
Right now the Boxter pads don't sweep the whole rotor area, leaving a 6-7mm lip on the inside of the rotor.
I want to see if i can fit Boxter S pads into the Boxter caliper. I understand that some cutting might be involved, and before committing to buying actual pads, I would like to do a mockup with some used pads.

For the pads, I would appreciate if the pads were of the bottom variety (I am using someone elses picture I found on the forum) as I think that would involve less cutting to fit.

Please pm me if you have something like this just lying around.
Locals would be awsome.
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