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Originally Posted by nicecar View Post
havent cracked it open yet due too an engine repair but.... i do know that my bracket is broke not allowing me to slide light in without holding the bracket from the rear thru the wheel well. The light always needs to be tighened from the frunk. sometimes I have had to play with it to get it to lock and even then it was not tight. it never slides out though. From listening to you my 2 problems may not be due to the broken bracket? Did you try the socket suggestion? I will dig around and see what up and pm you when complete. I have a new used bracket for mine I will compare the 2 and look for wear around the locking portion see if this may be our problem.
My driver side has a physical crack in the plate but it slides in and locks fine. It almost sounds more like your plate is not tightened down and is shifting around which is causing you to have a hard time sliding the headlight in place but that wouldn't explain the locking part. My headlight only slides out about a quarter inch but it's enough for it to unseat itself and not light up at night (or flicker over bumps).

I haven't tried the socket suggestion yet because the tool does seem to work. It locks the driver side no problem and it rotates the locking mechanism without the headlight in place as well when I play around with it. I'll probably give it a try this weekend before giving up and put some money down on a new plate.
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