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You could have a light that's going out and it flickered.

You can lawyer up and probably get the whole thing arbitrated and get your citation for DWS reduced to something else. Truth is, if a license plate check shows your license is suspended and your descriptors match the DMV return, he doesn't even need any more reason to stop you, so I doubt he'd make up a brake light violation, as there's nothing to cover. The whole "I'm writing cutting you a break" is usually a way to try and soften the blow and make it seem like he's helping you out. In reality he is here. In my state, Suspended DL is pretty much a mandatory cite. And the law says, no valid driver, no driving. So the fact he let you drive off on a suspended DL is kind of cool of him. It's pretty dumb that your license can be suspended for stuff like that. I've seen child support suspensions to the guy and find out he's trying to work to pay his child support, yet they suspend his license and expect him to go work. Interesting way of doing things for sure.

You also have to see the humor in stopping a guy in a flashy Porsche with a suspended DL. I'm sure it's a good story to tell. Maybe not for you though. Things could have been worse. You could've been watching your box get yanked up on a flatbed by the next rotation flatbed driver who has zero clue about what to do with that tow eye.
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