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#%$:"<>?! Dash lights!

OK, so I'm fixing all the little things wrong with my '98. Every time I turn around, I have a NEW DASH WARNING LIGHT! First it was the "brake wear "light. Sure enough, the rears were junk, replaced 'em, still the light. I have one rear sensor that the wires pulled out, I'm guessing thats it. Then, I fire it up, the "top" light is on as well as the "rear spoiler" light! WTF! Cycled the spoiler, no luck, moved on to the top, put it up down, up down a couple of times, no change. I'm really starting to warm up to my POS Corvette! Where are the switches that tell the stupid car that everything is fine? I dont have the electrical manual yet (bentley) so any advice in the mean time would be helpful.

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