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Those are three photos. In the first photo - you can just see a pushrod that has separated from the end with the socket. You can just barely see bolt that attaches it to the V arm. I have found it easier to remove that bolt on occasion.

The second picture shows how I remove the clips that hold the clamshell cylinders. Wear gloves - they release with force.

The last picture shows a bent rod - it was not noticeable until set next to the other one.

I was rushed in my earlier replies so bear with me if things are repeated. With the top up - and nothing working - going through the cabin - detaching the cables on the soft top - the same ones for service mode - and the back of the soft top were it attaches by the trunk is helpful. Being a lefty working from the drivers seat on the connections was easiest. Getting in there and popping the clips that hold the cylinders on the clam shell in place is easier once the soft top is in service mode. If the clam shell is jammed things are under tension. I found that gloves helped because the force to pull the clips also meant that my knuckles would be banging around when the clip released.
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