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Originally Posted by Idaho Red Rocket 3 View Post
My convertible top won't operate. Checked out the following and think they are OK.

Rocker switch in dash.

Micro switch at roof latch.

Parking brake light comes on.

All fuses are good ..all of them.

Pulled convertible relay and tapped it on the floor to free contacts. No help. Opened relay to clean contacts and found it is all solid state on a chip board. No contacts to clean or fee up. I did clean the 17 contact pins. No help. Roof still won't work.

Car is a 2000 S. Does anybody have a working relay with this part number for sale cheap ?

Some advice, if you know anyone else with a 00-04 boxster, try your relay in their car and see if their top stops working. Likewise, try their's in yours and see that yours works.

If you'd like, you can mail me the relay and I can test it out for you to let you know if it has failed and how.
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