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I can relate.

Living in So Cal, we experience wildfires far too often

Back in 2007, we were evacuated along with about 1/3 of San Diego County for almost a week. When the smoke cleared over 2500 homes were destroyed, almost 350 in my neighborhood alone.

I remember going back to the neighborhood and it reminded me of one of the old WWII movies showing Berlin or London with smoldering piles of rubble.

Fortunately our home was spared and in the big scheme of things we got off easy, just inconvenienced for a few days. Many of my friends were not so lucky, literally left with just the shirt on their back, they lost almost everything else they owned

Until you have experienced firsthand the devastation of a wildfire you really can't understand. I suppose the same is true for tornadoes and hurricanes, Mother Nature can be a real bytch

Be safe and my prayers are with you
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