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Greetings all. I've been lurking for a bit while doing research on ownership of a 986 Boxster S.

I'm 50 and just now buying my first Porsche. I never thought it would be a Boxster especially since a coworker let me drive his a few years ago, a 2.5 Tiptronic and I was unimpressed on my short drive.

Recently I moved well south of Seattle and have about a 40 mile commute. I ride a motorcycle 365 days/year because, well, I love motorcycles but also because on my commute in pathetic traffic and because of the parking situation at work it saves me 1-2 hours per day.

My girlfriend loves me to pieces but doesn't love my motorcycles. I made the fateful mistake of lusting after a 997 one day (who doesn't, am I right?) and she asked if I would get rid of my bikes for a Porsche.

Well long story short, we reached a compromise.

I've sold 2 of the 3 bikes and have agreed to buy a Porsche and commute 2 days/week. She understands that I'm never going to be without a bike and does acknowledge that she likes when I'm able to get home earlier.

Along the way and doing my research I found a few 996 cars in my area, and what a bargain they seem to be. But for every 996 I found at least 5 Boxsters. I got so tired of seeing them that I decided to take another look and decided that an S model might be just the ticket. Oh, and part of that is that my girlfriend thinks I need a convertible but I find the hard top on a 996 convertible to make the car as ugly as the ass of a corn fed cow.

I'll admit that I'm a car whore. I've owned everything from the hopped up '69 bug I owned in college (built that engine from scratch myself) to rabbits/cabriots/golfs/westy bus/vanagon, a couple of SHO Tauruses, two Miatas, two BMW 3 series coupes and now a 330i sedan. I'll omit the bikes I've owned but the bike I'm keeping is a hopped up Triumph Tiger 1050.

Last week I found a '00 986 S model, black on black with a six speed. Not a scratch on it, the top looks new and the interior is excellent. It drives super tight and after giving it the business on a test drive I decided I would be really happy with it. It reminds me of the Audi TT that a friend of mine owns (she has let me wring the crap out of it), except where the TT is perfectly balanced and GLUED to the road the Boxster will let the tail out a bit. I love it.

Hoping to pick it up tonight or tomorrow.
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