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The battery of the car never got drained enough. But in the manual it says that you can electrically do an emergency release of the front trunk, but that only works when the battery is empty.

Any way... The garage took off the wheel and wheel well liner, opened up the trunk with the emergency release cord, took the keys out and put everything back together. Only 100$. Getting a spare key was already on the shopping list for this winter (since we need to kiss the key goodbye for a week, but the car is stored inside during the entire winter, so no problem then). The garage was already pissed that they had to help us out in this busy week (they had several engines to disassemble and reassemble), so we'll save the emergency release cord extension for the next big appointment.

My girl friend threw out her new keychain, since she claims she had plenty of **************** since she adopted it.

Since I need to work next weekend, the road trip is delayed for 10 days. No biggie though, still having fun celebrating some time off.
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