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Exclamation Locked keys under hood, alarm engaged

Hello big brain,

My girl friend was packing for a road trip and upon finishing, she had already locked the car with the remote (so the alarm is engaged) and she closed the front hood.... with the keys in the 'frunk'.

CAA already gave up on the project Friday night due to a lack of knowledge.

We have the driver's door open, so we get to play with the fuses (at least we took out the fuse for the horn (so we don't have to listen to the alarm 20 minutes every time we try something). We don't have the means to take of the wheel and, more so, we don't have the right tools to undo the cap screws to reach the emergency release under the passenger's headlight.

It's a 2001 Boxster S with the electric buttons to open the latches.

I've found a trick to use a 9V battery to jump-start the emergency bonnet unlock (as shown on the image on the paper fuse list and in the manual), but it didn't work.

I've read about using the radio to push a code into the central board computer to desengage the alarm, but the radio won't even power up and we can't find the codes.

All the jump-start tricks we've read about are for older Boxters, so not sure if boosting fuse contact C3 will do the trick. Not tried though (we're going to grab lunch before continuing our efforts).

Does someone here have the magical solution?

Thanks in advance!!
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