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A question of mental imbalance

One of my goals while on vacation was to replace my starter and clean the throttle body. Between Pedro's DYI's and Wayne Dempsey's book and tech forums, I have managed to wrestle it to the ground. Two questions-
A major fun part was removing the inlet tube with this gawdawful bladder attached to and shoved underneath the motor opening. (Picture 1) what is this growth and is it necessary?
The second question concerns my attempt to remove the lower bolt on the starter. It seemed if I removed a rubber hose from a plastic tube there would be easier access to bolt. Unfortunately the plastic tube broke. (Picture 2). What have I broken and can I repair it with a spliced in tube? The tube is real oily inside.
After dropping a 15mm wrench into the lower cavity of the engine I have decided to walk away and drink scotch until I'm mentally clear again.
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