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Unhappy update

purchase and installed it myself. Maybe that because AOS was replaced once before, it took me only 2 hours,
took advice in this forum as well as Pelican tech post.
the one that made all the difference was the use of cable tie to keep the hose clamp open. installing the opened hose clamp on the bellows-like hose, the hose clamp sat dead center of the clamp locating feature of the hose.
the hose slipped over the engine port and I just cut the cable tie. perfect assembly first time.

one BIG problem.
found that the locking ring on the long tube from the driver's side bank into the AOS was broken. or I broke it.
it does "click" in, and takes some effort to remove, but looking at the ring, the hook feature that keeps this hose attached to the AOS is on the loose ring and not on the hose end.

it looks it's gong to be a while before I can drive my Boxster!

any suggestion on a band aid????
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