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LN crank lock too long - OK to cut it down?

Sorry to ask yet another question. I've found I can't maneuver the black-handled LN Engineering crank lock tool into position: it's too long to fit. Probably not a problem with the 911 but the Boxster panel behind the seats gets in the way.

I have a stubby 5/16" drill which is almost exactly 8mm in diameter - the diameter of the crank lock tool. It fits in just fine and bottoms out at approximately 45mm deep when measured from the front of the crankshaft pulley. I put some tape around it and you can see where I marked it with a Sharpie.

My question: is there any reason I shouldn't cut the end off the LN crank lock tool, making the rod have a length approximately 45mm from the end to the black plastic handle?
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