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Coolant leaking under my Porsche Boxster 97


So I finally got a chance to buy a Porsche, it was a great deal with great looks! Just got the car a week today from Japan. I stay in Africa btw! So yesterday I took the car out for a real spin, however after a 11km ride when I got home the right hand side vent was blowing out steam usually related to over heating however the temp marker didn't show it was over heating just a little unusually high around 90.

Anyways I parked it went to bed however in the morning I realised the coolant is pouring out from under the car at mid engine point like a steady tap. I topped up coolant but in an hour it was empty again. Obviously all pouring out under the car. I am really worried now, I don't know what it could be, I have heard it could be the water pump or loose hose...blah blah but I was hoping one of you experts could shed more light on why this has happened and what could be the possible solution. Will really appreciate your help guys!
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