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Unhappy Boxster 2.5 cutting off at high RPM and kick down

Hey guys i hope someone can help me fix this issue = /

Quick overview: bought my boxster 1997 model 90k german 4 months ago from an old man who never drove the car.

The issue: it started back 2 months ago when i was driving the car normally and decided to kick it down at full throttle and the car did respond accordingly, at almost 6000 rpm it started cutting off (not changing gears) until i had to change it to tiptronic mode and switch its gear... The car does not seem to give its full power as when first bought, at a stable speed on the highway, it sometimes feel as if there isnt enough power to give for the car to be driven. Im now afraid to press harder on the fuel pedal or else it starts to cut off.

Could that be the ignition coil? Fuel filter? Or something wrong with the computer?
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