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Few issues need help

I am visiting my mechanic this Friday, for a full service.
my boxster 2002, I ordered a new key and he programmed it all works fine.
now, when I lock it, sometimes, it makes a horn sound, indicating something is open, but everything is closed, doors, windows, ashtray, roof, and the lock button on the dash is like red. any idea why it does that? it sometimes also does it when I unlock it.

issue 2:
when you open the door the window is supposed to open a bit so u close the door and then close back so it doesn't hit the edge on the top.
sometimes it does open sometimes it doesn't, like it gets confused, (driver side) on codriver its ok, any idea what to inspect? dust etc..?
I tried holding the window button down for 20 seconds to reset, but I don't know if it worked, since I still have it. it cannot be the regulator, since sometimes it works.
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